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Iodophor (Paxdophor FD)

Description :  Iodophore or commonly referred as Iodophor is a preparation containing iodinecomplexed with a solubilizing agent, such as a surfactant or povidone (forming povidone-iodine). The result is a water soluble material that releases free iodine when in solution. Iodophors are prepared by mixing iodine with the solubilizing agent; heat can be used to speed up the reaction.

Iodophore is a very effective and food grade disinfectant for F&B industry such as dairy, brewery, food processing, meat processing and beverages etc.

Application :  For disinfection in various industry related to the F&B sector

Specification : 

Chemical Type
Deep Brown Liquid
Iodine distinctive
Completely Soluble in Water

Dosage : It is often supplied in different concentrations and is further diluted with water before use. The label will advise the appropriate dilution rate, commonly 1:1000 or 1:100. Equipment to be sanitized should be thoroughly clean and left in contact with the solution for at least 2 minutes.Diluted iodophor is also used extensively in the dairy industry.

Major Benefits :  Non-Toxic Disinfection


Direction for Usage
Storage & Safety
Dilute the PAXDOPHOR FD with pure DM water to get the required concentration of Iodine depending upon the usage. For Food and Dairy industries 2% V/V of PAXDOPHOR FD is recommended. The temperature of the solution should not increase above 40oC. Forcomplete dilution instructions, Please contact us at / Call us +919840931231
Storage: Store PAXDOPHOR FD in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heating and direct sun light. Always keep the container tightly closed. Keep away from children.
The surface to be disinfected should be cooled to Room Temperature before making the contact with the dilute solution of PAXDOPHOR FD
Safety: Avoid direct contact of the concentrated or diluted form with eye. If there is any, use plenty of water to wash it off and consult the doctor. After usage wash the disinfected surface with the plenty of water to prevent contamination with the food. For More detailed storage and safety information, please refer the MSDS. You may contact us on mail or
Make the diluted PAXDOPHOR FD in direct through contact with the surface for hand wash 2 min and metal surface 10 min
0.5% solution of PAXDOPHOR FD can be used for General Purpose other than Food and Dairy Industries. The contact time can be adjusted based on trials and validation for special applications.
Don't use any other chemical or other products along with this product at a time