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Per Acetic Acid (PAA)

Description :  Peracetic acid (PAA) is a highly effective biocide, used in a wide range of applications.  Its uses are continually increasing as standards for disinfection and environmental legislation become more demanding.

It is formulated for use in circulation cleaning and sanitizing of industrial equipments such as tanks, pipelines, evaporators, fillers, pasteurizers, aseptic equipment, and for sanitizing of previously cleaned, hard, non-porous food contact surfaces and equipments in:

  • Dairies, wineries, breweries and beverage plants

  • Meat and poultry processing and packaging plants

  • Milk and dairy products processing and packaging plants

  • Food processing and packaging plants

  • Egg processing and packaging equipment surfaces

  • Eating establishments

Peracetic Acid is a liquid sanitizer for the food and beverage industry. Its no-rinse, non-foaming formula and its ability to sanitize at cold temperatures makes it ideally suited for use in circulation (CIP) clean-in-place systems for food processing equipment. Peroxyacetic acid liquid sanitizer is also approved for immersion cleaning of equipment and utensils for food processing and packaging plants and eating establishments.

PAA is used at low solution concentration to rapidly kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is more tolerant than most sanitizers to pH, temperature, water hardness and organic soils. The decomposition products of PAA solutions are acetic acid, oxygen and water, which do not harm or pollute the environment. In summary, Peracetic Acid liquid sanitizer is highly effective economical to use and environmentally acceptable.

It matches the performance of other Peracetic acid based sanitizers (such as Divosan Activ of Johnson Diversey and P3 Oxonia Active of Ecolab).

Application :    Peracetic acid is highly oxidizing in nature and is experiencing rapid growth for a wide variety of applications other than in food and beverage industry such as.

Dosage : 

Is recommended for use on pre-cleaned surfaces such as equipments, pipelines, tanks, vats, filters, evaporators, pasteurizers and aseptic equipments in dairies,

breweries, wineries, beverage and food processing/ packaging plants and egg processing and packaging equipment surfaces. The dosage depends on applications, ranging from 0.5% to 5% v/v. The specific dosage rates and method will be specified by the CSL technical representative.

Major Benefits : 

  • Performs effectively at low temperature and low concentrations to disperse bio-film and inhibit bacteria, fungus and molds
  • Does not require multi-biocides as micro-organisms cannot produce immunity.
  • Will not oxidize organic scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • Does not add conductivity (TDS)
  • Does not require agitation or RPM
  • Breaks down into carbon dioxide and water